I am saying yes to new adventures!

A year ago I made the decision to learn how to be my own best friend.This meant setting boundaries and letting go of toxic relationships and holding on tight to the healthy ones. It meant no longer forcing relationships that need to be forced in order to exist. Most important it also meant learning to trust myself. For my journey it meant starting my new chapter by leaving what was familiar, so I could unlearn the many things I have been taught to be sorry for. It hasn’t been perfect, but It’s been a liberating experience. A freedom that I can never give back!

After meeting a woman named Lynne in her restaurant in Cinsta a year ago, I shared a few of my stories with her. She convinced me to do something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but scared to do. That was to start writing my stories. Telling the stories wasn’t the scary part, I was just never confident in writing but she convinced me. She told me that I was a reminder of how wonderful growth and wonder are. That is how @growthandwonder was born! @growthandwonder has helped me overcome some fears, reflect, heal and be proud of me. It has reminded me that I have a suitcase with some sad stories and also some outrageous blessings.

The next phase was moving someplace far away from all the background noise so that I can learn to listen to myself. Living in a foreign place has allowed me the opportunity to learn so much about myself at a much deeper level. I have no choice but to trust myself here because it’s only me. The relationships I have here are mine and not forced. I am doing a lot of things by myself and enjoying it! I have learned to become my own best friend unapologetically. Learning who I am again for the first time has been the most wonderful experience.

As part of learning to be my own best friend I added somethings else to my bucket list. I love traveling and usually when I travel I know someone there or I travel with someone. I have never just taken a trip on my own without knowing anyone. In my bucket list I want to travel somewhere I have never been, where I wont know anyone, I will leave my laptop, and work behind.This trip is personal. I have picked two countries that have been on my radar for years and heading there!

With that said @growthandwonder will be taking a two-week hiatus to grow and wonder some more! The next @growthandwonder publish “Page 30” will be on Tuesday, October 16th.

Cheers to loving me a little bit more every day forward! Thank you to all the love and encouragement I have received from the incredible souls in my life! You know who you are!!!

“You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart; to roam without cages; with the innocence of a child, and the free spirit of untamed horses; I hope you laugh without stopping, live with abandon, and love like that’s all there is; stay wild, my wild, wild child.”

Wild Child (Kenny Chesney)


  1. Lynne S Crawford · September 26, 2018

    You fill my heart with love and tears, make the movie


  2. tisha71421 · September 26, 2018

    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! Safe and blessed trip love! 💜


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